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John Leleux, Board President - 830-583-5531
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A drop box has been installed for the convenience of making payments.  Kiosk Outside has the map.  Webpage has Email address and By laws/Deed Restriction Information


Phone number:  361-729-8929

Fax number: 361-450-1063






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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Holiday Beach website. Holiday Beach is a bayfront community about 8 miles North of Rockport, Texas on Highway 35 North. Located on Copano Bay, we have the benefit of being a winter refuge for a variety of birds, including Whooping Cranes and some of the best fishing along the Texas Coast.

Holiday Beach has on-water, off-water, water-view, and canal home-sites. The community has 2 boat ramps, a large "T-head" fishing pier, kayak park and a swimming pool for the use of the Holiday Beach property owners.

The new Holiday Beach Community Center is currently home of the Holiday Beach Property Owners' Association (HBPOA). This is also the site of meetings, reunions, or other celebrations. This is a community with a great number of volunteers who work together closely for the improvement, security and welfare of the community.

The Holiday Beach Water Supply Corporation supplies the community with water.

We're the best kept secret along the Texas Coast!


To learn about the natural vegetation in our area and other helpful gardening tips visit 



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