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Community of Holiday Beach, Texas


Happy New Year

May 2017 Bring Blessings To All!


The HBPOA Board has done a great job this year and we have made strides in regaining control of our amenities without having to compete with outsiders that are utilizing these amenities without proper authorization.  People who use our amenities without the proper authorization do not pay anything towards these amenities and we are left with the bill.


As a home owner you must adhere to the rules of the by-laws and deed restrictions, and we will enforce the deed restrictions.  There are footage limitation and other building codes in effect that to be adhered to.  We will file in court to remedy any lapses in our restrictions, including filing against RVers. We are growing as a community and we need to make sure our by-laws are adhered to.


We are going to fence and electronically control access to the boat ramps.  The boat ramps are a major investment and the wear and tear by numerous outsiders that has occurred causes us to take this course of action.  The kayak park is for use by homeowners and not for outsiders that are not with a Holiday Beach Property Owner.  This area has been trashed and caused lawful owners in the area undue stress.  A new sign will be erected soon to, advise against trespassing.


Some of the accomplishments of the present HBPOA Directors:

We have fixed the pool and all of the issues associated with it.  WE have installed cameras and card access to the pier to keep problems there to a minimum.  We have reviewed many new home locations.  WE have sent letters to all delinquent account holders asking for the funds due to the HBPOA. We paid off the boat ramp loan.  We have the county assessing drainage in Holiday Beach and they are to pave two roads this year.  We have an improved computer system and accounting system so that we can conduct business efficiently.  We have utilized off duty law enforcement to control access to the pier during peak summer use.  We had our by-laws and deed restrictions reviewed to be brought up to date with current state regulations.  We have placed liens against some properties.  We will be installing the new card system beginning this Saturday,  January 7th and continue issuing cards each Saturday this month from 10:00 am � 3:00 pm.  We have answered many calls, installed new signs and a kiosk, replaced mailboxes, dealt with realtors, ran county records, updated files, implemented new insurance at the local level, worked with Aransas County on issues effecting Holiday Beach, and have had a good bit of assistance from volunteers wanting to improve Holiday Beach.


Thank you for all and any of your contributions to improving our community! 


This year will bring a new group of board members.  I will not be running for the president position due to my health conditions.  I know there is a capable individual out there that will come in and do a great job for the community of Holiday Beach.


In closing, we have gotten inroads toward a budget and line items so that future boards can have an easy transition.  We have strived to formulate the best plans to conduct business with thrift and efficiency and always be aware of the community.  Holiday Beach is a great place.  As a community, as neighbors, as members of a unique place on the Texas Coast, we should strive to promote Holiday Beach to be a place where others wished they lived.


Thank you for your support this past year.  My agenda is and always will be the betterment of Holiday Beach.


John Leleux, HBPOA Board President