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Please submit the following items to the HBPOA prior to construction or remodeling of an existing structure.
  1. Property owner's name, mailing address and phone number an email address

  2. Legal description of property to be built on, or additions to existing structure and street address

  3. Contractor information

  4. Square footage of structure to be built must be 500 Square feet off water, 750 Square feet on water (living area)

  5. New materials must be used for construction

  6. Plans must include outline of how structure will be built (and/or) placed on lot, and
    a. dimensions of structure
    b. set-backs must be indicated
    c. physical address of property
    d. streets should be labeled

Submit all construction plans to the HBPOA office for the Subdivision Restriction Committee review. If everything is in order, it does not take long to get approval. If not in order, you will be notified of what additional information may be required. When approved, you will be notified.


Download the Information Sheet here.