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The HBPOA was formed on June 20, 1968 for the purpose of promoting public interest in the Holiday Beach Subdivision, and for the enforcement of the Deed and Restrictions governing the Subdivision which appear on record in the Deed Records of Aransas County, Texas.

Donations and contributions to HBPOA are not tax-deductible by the donor.

For information concerning the Bylaws and Deed Restrictions, please refer to those linked pages. There are separate subdivision restrictions for each Section of Holiday Beach recorded in Aransas County.

Cards & Permits:  The Kayak Park, Pier, Swimming Pool & Boat Ramps are limited for use only by Holiday Beach Property Owners and their guests.  Each property owner receives 1 owner's card free and a second card for $25.00. At the time annual maintenance assessments are paid in October you will receive 2 "hanging" vehicle parking permits.  These cards are issued per OWNER and not per LOT.  Renewal cards may be picked up at the office, or mailed to you upon receipt of a request and the payment of $1 to cover postage and handling.  A current owner's card is proof of your privilege to use the Holiday Beach facilities and entitles you and your children to use the swimming pool as long as maximum capacity is not exceeded.  Property owners are allowed 2 guests to use the swimming pool (due to the limited capacity there).  Vehicle parking permits should be hung on your car's rearview mirror when parked all Holiday Beach amenities. 

Before contruction begins an application must be filed with the HBPOA for approval by the Subdivision Restriction Committee on all construction in Holiday Beach according to the Deed Restrictions. A Construction Plan Checklist is available upon request.

The following additional information is provided to assist you with your planning.

  1. Septic, Building/Flood Plain, & Fill Permits must be obtained from the Aransas County Health Authority, 1931 FM 2165, Rockport, TX 78382, Tel: 361-790-0121

    Development Instructions Aransas County - Link

  2. Culverts - contact the Aransas County Road & Bridge Department, County Service Center, 1931 FM 2165, Rockport, TX 78382, Tel: 361-790-0152
  3. Surveys - contact Griffith & Brundrett, Rockport, TX 78382, Tel: 361-790-0126
  4. Water - contact the Holiday Beach Water Supply Corp., 8 St. Charles Loop East, Rockport, TX, Tel: 361-729-0538
  5. Electrical Service - for outages, contact AEP-American Electric Power at 866-223-8508
  6. Garbage Collection -The Bag Lady @ 361-758-5767, Republic Services @ 361-698-5000, K&B Trash @ 361-205-3554
  7. Mail Delivery - contact the Rockport Post Office, 1521 N. Pearl St., Rockport, TX 78381, Tel: 361-729-2642 and Jerry Leal, contract carrier, before 10:00 a.m. at the Post Office, 361-946-2025
  8. Other Questions - contact the HBPOA office, 104 St. Charles Loop West, Rockport, TX 78382, Tel: 361-729-8929 or by email to
Download the checklist form here.