Community of Holiday Beach, Texas




HBPOA is in need of members to serve on the Board of Directors. Below are the vacancies and duties as decribed in the By-laws.


If interested please email your name and contact information to


Sergeant of Arms / Parliamentarian
The Sergeant at Arms shall keep order in all meetings of the Board of Directors and meetings of the Membership. As parliamentarian will determine that a Quorum is present and that the meeting is properly called as well as interpreting these By-laws and Robert's Rules of Order as required.
Director - Swimming Pool and Parks
The Director - Swimming Pool and Parks shall be responsible for the repair, maintenance, operation, and use of the swimming pool and parks. Shall be responsible for notifying the Board of Directors of problems with the operation of these facilities and shall check to verify that only property owners in good standing are utilizing these facilities. Verify that the facilities are being used in accordance with policy and procedures established by the Board of Directors.
Director - Aransas County Liaison
Director - Aransas County Liaison shall be the primary contact of the Corporation with the Holiday Beach Water Supply Company, Lamar VFD and other local government identities. The Director should establish a rapport with all levels of county government to insure that the Holiday Beach Subdivision obtains an equitable amount of county services. This should include but not limited to, roads, drainage, mosquito control, fire control, and the Sheriff's office. The Director shall keep the Board of Directors informed of all pertinent information.
Two positions - Representatives at Large
These positions shall be non-voting members and shall be allowed to participate in all meetings of the board of Directors. Should a member of the Board of Directors leave for any reason, then one of these two Representatives at Large shall be appointed to fulfill the term of the leaving Director or Officer. These members may assist other Board Members, serve on committees or other responsibilities as deemed necessary by the President.